Sheepfold Ministry

The Sheepfold Ministry is designed to ensure every member of St. James is connected to the larger body through similar cells called Sheepfolds. Every household is assigned to a sheepfold where you get to know one another and fellowship together, lend support in rough times, celebrate the good times, grow together, work together and participate in the Church's activities together.

There are currently 7 Sheepfolds, the Pastor is the under-shepherd and gives guidance. Each Sheepfold has a Leadership team of 2 deacons, 2 deaconess, a leader, and a secretary. Each Sheepfold contains about 35 families (households), and gather at their own designated times. There are quarterly reporting sessions by the Leadership teams to ensure information is disseminated and training take place.

Ader Shemuel

Leader: Sis. Kimberley Henderson
Deacon: Dea. Fernando Brown
Deaconesses: Deaconess Brenda Brown, Deaconess Glenda Taylor
Secretary: Sis. Robin Morton-Franklin


Leader: Bro. Edgar Blackmon
Asst. Leader: Sis. Linda Taylor
Secretary: Sis. Claudette Henderson
Asst. Secretary: Sis. Portia Jones

Christian Shepherd

Leader: Bro. Ernest Hill III
Deacons: Dea. Arcellious Demery, Dea. Martinez Robinson
Deaconesses: Deaconess Ethel Demery, Deaconess Martha Hall
Secretary: Bro. Irvin Carter, Jr

Karakul Kraal

Leader: Sis. Rosetta Wright
Deacon: Dea. Marvin Price, Sr.
Deaconesses: Deaconess Orene Barbour, Deaconess Annette Fallen, Deaconess Mary Burton
Secretary: Sis. Cynthia Lee
Asst. Secretary: Sis. Jill Price
Treasurer: Trustee Emeritus Ernest Barbour

Life Everlasting

Leader: (vacant)
Deacons: Dea. Evelyn Burrell, Dea. William Coley, Jr.
Deaconesses: Deaconess Florence Coles, Deaconess Frances Miles
Secretary: (vacant)


Leaders: Bro. William Pryor, Jr
Deacons: Dea. James Britton, Dea. Michael Troyer
Deaconesses: Deaconess Denise Dye
Secretary: Sis. Ruth Bentley
Treasurer: Sis. Audrey Johnson


Leader: Sis. Ramona Simpson
Deacons: Dea. Calvin Gray, Dea. Alice Lyons
Deaconesses: Deaconess Elsie Gray, Deaconess Ramona Simpson
Secretary: Sis. Claudette Ellett
Treasurer: Sis. Gail Lewis