What We Believe

Our Mission

The mission of the membership of St. James Baptist Church is to be led according to the principles of Ephesians 4 by:

  • Embracing ;- the diverse and African American heritage of this community, as we discover God's will for all of creation through fellowship and prayer with forgiving, kind and compassionate attitudes.
  • Empowering - the membership to proclaim the reconciling word of God to meet the spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional needs of those seeking a meaningful relationship with God.Exemplifying - in worship the love of God and the spirit of Christ through joyful celebration, proclamation, praise, gospel songs, and dance.
  • Educating - the people of faith in this community in the knowledge of God’s word to shape our lives and to reach our full potential in Christ.
  • Encouraging - the membership to discover, to develop, and to demonstrate their God given gifts to serve the needs of this community.

Our Vision


Our Covenant

  • I  WILL PROTECT THE UNITY OF MY CHURCH by acting in love toward other members, by refusing to gossip, by following the leaders. 
  • I WILL SHARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF MY CHURCH by praying for its growth, by inviting the unchurched to attend, by warmly welcoming those who visit. 
  • I WILL SERVE THE MINISTRY OF MY CHURCH by discovering my gifts and talents, by being equipped to serve, by my pastors, by developing a servant’s heart.
  • I WILL SUPPORT THE TESTIMONY OF MY CHURCH by attending faithfully, by living a Godly life, by giving regularly.